The Mossi London Hair Spray Serum

    • The Mossi Hair Spray Serum

      The Mossi Spray Hair Serum prevents hair loss and adds volume to your hair.


      • Strengthens weak hair strands thanks to the peptide complex.
      • It nourishes hair roots with rich plant extracts.
      • Provides stronger hair growth with rich vitamins.
      • Caffeine helps hair grow faster by activating hair follicles.


      How to use:

      Apply it mainly on areas with heavy hair loss twice a day. Rub the sprayed product with your fingertips in circular movements in order to spread it over your scalp and penetrate it into skin. Do not wash or rinse your hair after application. It is not necessary to wash your hair before application. The Mossi Hair Spray Serum can be used for all types of hair.

      60 ml