The Mossi London ProSkin Lotin

The Mossi London ProSkin Lotin

The MOSSI ProSkin Lotion has been developed especially for irritated skin after hair transplantation. Thanks to its superior formulation:

  • It helps to be cleaned easily the clots and crusts on the skin at the washing period after the planting.
  • Helps deeply moisturize and deep self-renewal of skin.
  • Helps to feed new hair follicles and improve health.
  • Thanks to Ozone and Beta-Glucans it helps to prevent bacterial recurrence on the skin.
  • After laser and other irritating applications, you can use it after consulting to your doctor.


  • Paraben Free
  • Alcohol Free
  • SLS/SLES and DEA Free
  • Formulated without harsh chemicals



Direction For Use: Gently spread the lotion onto skin and let it absorbed. Do not wash and rinse the lotion immediately after application. Better to wait minimum 15 minutes before washing to get effective results.


Man & Woman

All Hair Types


4,2 Fl. OZ.