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Our Services

We provide full-service solutions, covering all aspects from concept to design, R&D, packaging selection and manufacturing.

Private Label OEM 

Own Brand OB

Full Service Solution ODM

Contract Manufacturing CM

Formulation & Development

We innovate to ensure that you are always one step ahead of your competitors

R&D team at Mossi has a wide range of formulation library, over 2000 formulas. For those clients who are looking for something that is prominently their own, our lab enables customizing products according to your individual market needs and specifications.

Our cosmetic chemists in the R&D laboratory work in the latest technological and scientific advances to formulate products under the highest quality standards. They work closely with our clients to develop highly advanced and functional products that not only meet, but also exceed our clients marketing expectations.

Regulation & Compliance

Our Regulatory team guarantees an unique and customised support with European, US and worldwide regulatory requirements.

Services we provide;

  • Cosmetics Ingredient Listing

  • Artwork Review

  • Product Information Files (PIFs)

  • Cosmetic Product Safety Reports ( CPSR )

  • Product Labelling

  • Required Technical Documents for Export/Import and Distribution

  • Product Testing and Clinical Studies

Graphic Design & Branding 

Packaging is a major key to success.

We make it easier for our clients as they do not have to do the sourcing. Our creative experts in design team provides professional design service and attractive packaging solutions in accordance with latest trend for your product.

Packaging Solutions

Our goal is to help you to create at a highly functional product that will be well received commercially. Once you approve your mock up sample and we have completed our standard compability testing we may begin to order your componentries.

We  offer various examples of packaging including PCR, recyclable, FSC certified cardboard and plastic free solutions.


The Mossi provides its clients the most advanced manufacturing technologies together with a extensive process of quality and optimization throughout the entire production process in order to obtain safe, hygienic and effective products.

The Mossi offer maximum flexibility and diversity in their fragrance and cosmetics production. Batch sizes vary from 1,5 ml to 1000 ml with the capability to process both hot and cold productions.

Quality Control

We undertake all necessary processes to ensure excellent quality.

Our Quality Control laboratories are equipped to perform all the required testing protocols to assure that the products manufactured according to the good manufacturing practices ;

Raw material and Componentry Analysis and Evaluation
Laboratory Analysis of Bulk and Finished Products
Stability Testing
Microbiological Testing
Product/Package Compatibility Testing
The Mossi is fully committed to transparency at every stage of production, from sourcing raw materials through to packing. This dedication not only optimises efficiency but also ensures the highest standards of quality control. Every new product is tested and verified strictly by an accredited independent team.

Quality Control Process: Input Quality Control: All incoming materials are controlled by the Quality Department and checked/approved by responsible QC staff
In Process Quality Control: All production stages are cross controlled by both Production and Quality departments
Finished Product Quality Control: All finished products are controlled/checked by the Quality Department prior to being released for shipment

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