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The Mossi London is the company designs and develops dermocosmetics and food supplements. We also offer contract and private label cosmetic production services.

Since its creation, the company has been proving knowledge and expertise to nurture the health and beauty of the hair and skin. Our products are all formulated with unique ingredients based on years of study and background of laboratory works and analyses. We have been working daily to offer you the most suitable and innovative solutions to take care of your hair and skin. 

Our solution-focused products are non tested on animals, and just as effective. We have FDA, GMP and ISO Certificate as a proof of our high quality for our dermocosmetic products, production and sales. In a short span of time we are already exporting to countries, wholesalers and distributors all over the World.

Wishing to be together with you in health and peace...



The Mossi London products are designed for men and women who are aware of their skin&hair care and concerned with the quality, effectiveness and safety of the products they use. Our mission is to create functional and effective dermocosmetics able to satisfy both the hair&skin needs and customers aspirations.



Being a leader company preferred by dermocosmetics and food supplements sector stakeholders from all over the world with everyday improving R&D works, offering our distributors benefits with appealing innovative products on shelves and offering end user satisfaction.

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